Activity Workbooks

Download the Series of BroadLEARN Early Learning Activity Student Workbooks

The BroadLEARN Early Learning program includes the interactive content in the Treasure Island and Adventure Island which is supported by the paper based exercises in the series of Activity Workbooks.

The Activity Books provide a staged approach to learning and allow you to download and print the exercises you wish to use to support the on-screen activities. 

Activity Books

The Activity Workbooks

Each Activity Workbook features 48 pages of high quality full colour activities that your child will love to explore. The workbooks feature Hobo, Tessa, Lindy loo and Jesse and many of the backgrounds and themes used in Adventure Island.

A blended learning program that involves dedicated time on the computer and then periods of time using pencils and crayons to complete the paper based challenges develops the skills and expertise which is a foundation of the program.

The blue Level 1 Workbook introduces foundations skills and concepts in reading writing, mathematics, visual literacy and thinking skills

The red Level 2 Workbook builds upon the foundation skills to broaden knowledge and expertise in literacy and numeracy

The yellow Level 3 Workbook applies knowlege of key concepts to initiate the development of higher order thinking skills

The series of books are included as downloads in your BroadLEARN Early Learning subscription and are accessed from the Parent Portal

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