Computer Skills

Developing Computer Skills Through Play Based Learningdad helping his child with BroadLEARN

The BroadLEARN Early Learning Program develops literacy and numeracy skills in a blended learning program using paper-based resources and interactive activities on the computer.

It is therefore essential that your child can use the computer keyboard and mouse and be familiar with printers and monitors.

Our Early Childhood teachers have developed a series of fun play based assessment activities which sets challanges for your child.

The completion of these activity tests builds a profile on your child.

The Computer Skills Test

The Computer Skills Test indicates your child's competency level when using the computer mouse and keyboard. The test is important as it provides feedback on the suitability of the student to complete the BroadLEARN™ Early Learning program.Assessment Profile

The test features a range of questions which are selected randomly to present a new sequence of questions with each attempt. 

Computer Skills Report

An assessment report is automatically generated at the end of the test.

An affirming Progress Report is generated for your child. This attractive certificate identifies activities completed and provides positive reinforcement to build their confidence. The certificate is dated automatically and can be named, printed and given to your child to display. A sample of the Progress Report is displayed below:

After the Progress Report has been viewed, named and printed, parents can then view and print the Computer Skills Test Parent Report. This certificate provides a diagnostic report which lists the skills assessed, correct and incorrect responses and presents a percentage result for the different sections of the test for your child. A sample of the Parent Report is displayed below:

The results will indicate whether your child is a competent user of the mouse and keyboard and can identify the language describing the different computer components.

The Parent Portal provides tips and advice to assist you in helping your child achieve in this area.

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