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BroadLEARN Early Learning - Your IWB Curriculum Resource

As BroadLEARN Early Learning features an extensive library of individual learning activities, these activities can be mapped to enhance your teaching program.

When used with interactive white boards and classroom computers BroadLEARN™ Early Learning transforms the classroom in to an interactive playground of discovery. The innovative and flexible design of BroadLEARN™ Early Learning enables teachers to use the resource with the whole class, small groups or individual children.

Many teachers use the Unit Themes to complement their classes. For instance if you are teacher nursery rhymes, use the Rhyme Time Unit to support your learning objectives.

Interactive Whiteboard Learning Tips

Building Language for Literacy
Make the connection between letters and sounds.

Open Rhyme Time in Adventure Island

  1. Have students practice their rhyming skills with by reading the story 'Hobo's Night Time Rhymes'
  2. Display the activity on Whiteboard and ask your students to read the words or select and play the words that rhyme
  3. Use the activity 'Mother Hubbard's Cupboard'for the students to practicve and match rhyming words
  4. Play 'Blind Mice Run' to have fun with the students while a group use their hands on the board to match rhyming words
  5. All of these activities can be used for small and large group teaching
  6. Help a small group of students with letter recognition by displaying the activity on the Whiteboard and having students choose the letters that match the object.
  7. Play the rhyming song, "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to have the children join and use the karaoke text to highlight the rhyming words

Build Reading Pathways with BroadLEARN eBooks

Open the Animals Unit Theme and slect A Pet for Lindy Loo

  1. Explain to the children that there are three reading pathways in the BroadLEARN eBooks
  2. Choose 'Read by Mysel' and in small groups as the students to read the story and progress their pages with their hands
  3. If a child has difficulty with a word, they can touch the word and hear the word spoken. Ask them to repeat the word and play the voiceover to consolidate.
  4. After the groups have shared reading pages, select the 'Storyteller' mode and allow the students to hear the story with full expression
  5. View the following video for additional scaffolding ideas:

Learn letter sounds and sight words

Open ABC's on Adventure Island

  1. Open 'Letter Catcher' and practice letter recognition with the word match game. Have the children approach the board in small groups and take turns in identifying letters and catching them in the letter net.
  2. Play 'I Spy' to practice initial letter sounds
  3. Play 'What's the Next letter' to learn about alphabet sequence and letter sounds
  4. Use the Alphabet Race eBook and the ABC song to practice the alphabet
  5. Open the 'Interactive Story Board' to allow each group to create their own story and decorate it with drag and drop images and words.

Learn more about how the BroadLEARN Early Learning Resources can assist you in providing engaging, fun and effective lessons for your students. Download the Adventure Island Unit Overviews to view the teaching resources.

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