Learning Overview

Welcome to the Magical World of BroadLEARN™ Early Learning

BroadLEARN Early Learning is Australia's most comprehensive Early Childhood interactive resource.

BroadLEARN™ Early Learning is an extensive library of literacy and numeracy learning activities. The blended learning program integrates language, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts and social domains while attending to individual learning styles.
The blended resources include:

  1. The software program featuring the learning objects
  2. The assessment program featuring test activities
  3. The Teacher Manual
  4. The Activity Book
  5. The series of three eBooks

The interactive learning objects in Adventure Island are presented in a theme based learning world. The nine themes include:

  1. Home
  2. Space
  3. Nursery rhymes
  4. Fun park
  5. Farm
  6. Lake
  7. Birthdays
  8. Beach
  9. Trains

The BroadLEARN™ Early Learning program grows in dimension with the child. Appropriate visual, interactive and verbal prompts are designed to expand themes and opportunities while leaving the child in control.

The vast library of interactive learning objects engages children in creative play, mastery learning, problem solving and conversation.

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