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As the language arts (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are so linked, BroadLEARN Early Learning provides your child with the opportunity to practice the language strands in a play-based learning environment.

We understand that phonics, phonetic spelling, phoneme awareness, phonological awareness and phonology are essential in learning a written language based on an alphabet. Our learning program teaches letter sounds, word families, word recognition and language concepts to provide your child with the experience and skills to assist them with learning to read. 

 The ABC Adventure Island Unit

Your Child Learns to Read Through Play and Discovery

The program provides guided play based learning in the following areas:

  • Alphabet letters: initial letter sounds, word rhythm and word shapes
  • Word families: rhyming words, opposites and nursery rhymes  
  • Common nouns: parts of the body, clothing, household items, action verbs and senses
  • Positional language and the understanding of the use of opposite words
  • Language concepts: time, weather, night and day, week days, seasons, calendar and invitations
  • Language concepts: animals, movement, sounds, size, shape matching and opposites

Letter Sounds Activities

basic letter sounds

 Word Family Activities

Word families for young children

 Alphabet Activities

alphabet song alphabet letter sounds

 Word Boards and Story Boards

Word Board to learn to spell words Story boards to create interactive stories

 Rhyming Words

rhyming Words rhyme time activities

 Common Words

Learning Common Words Letter Pictures

 Interactive Stories

BroadLEARN Early Learning features an entire library of interative stories called e-books. The stories on Treasure Island include make-believe tales and fun books where the characters have fun and learn about their world.

On Adventure Island, an interactive story is presented in each learning unit. These stories have been designed to assist your child with their reading pathways. The stories can read to your child in the following ways:

  1. Storyteller - a rich language experience which introduces the focus words of the unit
  2. Read to Me - a learning experience where the story is read to your child at a slower pace
  3. Read by Myself - an experience where your child can read at their pace

Learn more about the eBooks in BroadLEARN Early Learning.

Reading pathways for early childhood learners

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